Products handmade by Roma women in Romania

More about Joy Beadz

Joy beads aims to be a source of encouragement for Roma (Gypsy) women from Tinca, Romania.  With this program each woman is given encouragement, paid a fair amount for each beautiful product that they handmake, and receives spiritual guidance through a Bible study with Rachel. 

As Joy Beadz provides a job for these women, they are then able to help meet the needs of their families (and receive mentoring on how to make financially wise decisions). This project also helps to fight against the domestic abuse that many of the women we support (and many others in the Roma village) deal with daily. Joy Beadz is restoring HOPE and rebuilding a sense of self worth in our wonderful ladies and their families, as there are many in the community that tell them daily that they are worthless.

Some Facts about Roma women

* Of Roma (Gypsy) women, 81% admitted to living with domestic abuse
* Many Roma women care for up to 12 children in a 12x6 ft mud hut
* Roma men often send their women to beg or into prostitution for income, yet they are beaten when they return for doing these exact things

How are they made?

Every week a group of ladies from the Roma village in Tinca come to the Isaiah Center for a meeting with a bible study, coffee and refreshments, a good session of bead making and usually a lot of laughter (sometimes with tears shared too). 

Also the ladies are given a 'pack up' bag of materials for making more beads at home, which they then return completed the following week. 

The beads start out as sheets of card stock and are cut into strips, ready to be rolled tightly into paper beads. They are then subjected to a laquering process which make them tough enough to withstand use in jewellery products. It is a time consuming, skillful but rewarding process for the Joy Beadz ladies.

What comes in the package?

Each Joy Beadz product comes with a small decorative gift bag and a card with a picture of the lady who made your Joybeadz, and their personal story. Each one of the paper beads in the product you have bought is handmade by the Roma ladies of we work with. We encourage you to keep the card that came with your Joy Beadz on your fridge or somewhere memorable, so you can pray for her & the struggles she faces everyday. 

With every Joybeadz purchase, YOU are providing an employment opportunity, and bringing JOY to a poverty-stricken family while receiving a beautiful necklace that we hope will bring you years of happiness! The money from each product purchased provides the ladies with a job and helps to support the work of Forget Me Not Ministries’ Isaiah Center in Tinca.

Watch the videos below to see more about Joy Beadz & a testimony from one of the ladies in the program, or click here to start browsing our Joy Beadz products!